See how to set up Apple CarPlay

Do you have a car that is compatible with CarPlay? If you have such a vehicle then it is always prudent that you connect your iPhone with your car system so that you can use almost all the features of your phone without using your hand while you are driving. Setting up of CarPlay is quite easy and can be done using USB cable or by using Bluetooth. The set up is required once and then you can relentlessly use your phone while you are driving. This connectivity gives you the benefit of using your phone features like those of music, calling and navigation and also allows you to use it without touching the phone through voice commands.
The setup using USB cable
·         If you wish to set up your CarPlay using USB cable then you have to connect your iPhone with the lightning socket by the help of an USB cable.
·         You then have to unlock your phone
·         There will be a prompt which seeks permission from you to allow CarPlay to access your phone features when your phone is locked. You have to give a yes to this permission.
·         You also have to select the option of CarPlay in your car’s infotainment system.
After you have made such a set up you can check in two ways whether the set up is properly made.
·         The vehicle dashboard will show the CarPlay icon
·         If you have a look at the settings of your iPhone then you will see that your car has been listed in the menu of CarPlay.
The setup done through wireless connectivity
You may be having a car which is factory designed and fitted with CarPlay stereo or you may have bought the latest stereo which is CarPlay compatible in both case you can connect your iPhone using wireless connectivity. The following steps have to be followed to have such a setting:
·         You have to enter the General setting of your phone and select CarPlay settings
·         At this screen you will have to turn on Bluetooth so that wireless connectivity can be made.
·         You have to press and hold the volume key that is present in your steering wheel or your stereo system to start the wireless pairing of your iPhone and the stereo.
After having such a setup you will be able to use your phone features by voice commands and also listen to music and songs. The navigational features of your phone can also be accessed and it will display on the dashboard of your car.