What's CarPlay and how to connect to it?

You may have heard your friends discussing CarPlay and you may be confused what it actually is. If you are such confused then just continue reading and you will be able to know what CarPlay is and how to connect it to your car for using that technology. 

It is an innovative technology that has been made available by apple so that you can connect your iOS devices with your car information and entertainment system. Such a connection when made will allow you to access all the features of your iPhone through the dashboard of your car. It was officially announced by Apple at the Geneva International Motor show. The connection is made through the lightning connector which charges the iPhone and also allows you to access the different features of your device through the dashboard of your car or through voice commands. This new technology does provide you support to access all the features through a hand free mode so that you can safely drive while you reply to voice messages or make calls without touching the phone but using the buttons that are present in the steering wheel of your car. At present not all cars support usage of such technology but then also there are 100 models of car from 21 makers where you can easily connect your iPhone using CarPlay. 

As you have both the car which is CarPlay compatible and an iPhone which can be connected you must be eager to know the mode of connection so that you can use this innovative technology. 

·         The first thing that you require for making such a connection is an USB cable. Plug one end of the cable to your iPhone and the other end to the lightning connector of your car. This will allow you to access the features of your phone and also to charge it. 

·         There needs to be certain permission given so that your car system can access your phone features. After you have given such permission you will be able to use the CarPlay technology to use your phone. 

·         The connection can be made using wireless means too. For this five simple steps need to be followed.
Ø  You need to go to the Settings app
Ø  Tap on the General tab
Ø  Then again you need to select CarPlay
Ø  Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone
Ø  Next, you need to use the buttons that are on your steering wheel to setup the CarPlay mode.
So, are you still waiting? Park your car and connect your iPhone with your car using the CarPlay technology.