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You must agree that CarPlay is one of the most advanced applications which you can use while you are driving. Let us see what makes this application such that gives us the most loved mobile experience while we are driving.
It provides you a safer means to use your phone
It is always advised that while driving do not take your eyes off the road. But if you need to make a call or look at the message that you are receiving then definitely you need to look at your phone rather than on the road. This was the scenario before CarPlay came into play. Now it gives you a smarter option of using your phone features even without touching or looking at your phone. You can do everything using voice command and your phone will act likewise. So, it can be said that it has helped to enhance your safety while you are driving and also gives you the option to stay connected with the rest of the world.
The apps that can be used while driving
    Apple Maps: You will be able to get the easy direction of the place where you want to go and the direction will be displayed on the dashboard of your car. The address where your destination is will be picked from the e-mail that you receive or from the contacts that you have.
    Text messaging: It may so happen that while you are driving you receive an urgent message while requires immediate attention. You can promptly reply to that message by using voice command so that Siri will type it for you and the message will be sent. Even when you receive a message you do not have to look anywhere else, you can concentrate on your driving as the message will read aloud.

    Listening to music: Driving alone may be boring so if you want to listen to any music or songs you can do so also by using CarPlay. So, you can imagine who pleasant it will be while driving alone or even when you are driving with your loved ones.
    Add widgets: You can add three selected widgets to enhance the pleasure of the drive that you are having. You can add the weather, the speed, and the battery percentage so that you can rest assured about those by seeing them on your car dashboard.
You definitely want to have such a driving experience. If you wish to have such then just have CarPlay installed.