What is Apple CarPlay and which cars support it?

You may have recently brought a new iOS device and seen that it is CarPlay enabled? Do you struggle to understand that what it is actually? You may then be deciding to buy a car for our own in such instance also you need to know which are the car models that supports CarPlay features to be used. To have the basic knowledge about CarPlay and the supported car models you just need to continue reading. 

CarPlay system was premiered by Apple at the Geneva International Motor show and it allows extending the usage of iOS devices while one is driving in his car. This technology enables users to use their Apple iOS device using the dashboard of the car. Using this technology you will be able to access Siri, Maps and also iTunes Radio when you are moving in your car. This has enabled Apple to restrict users from using other platforms offering such services while you are on the move. Using CarPlay which is a method of connecting your iPhone to the infotainment system of your car, you can use all the features of iPhone like listening to music, making calls and doing messaging and use all other navigational services that are available.

As you now know what CarPlay is, it is prudent to know that how this technology works and makes your life more comfortable while you are on the move. If you are having a car which supports CarPlay then you will be able to sync your iPhone with your car’s system using the Lightning Connector. The CarPlay will then allow you to access your iPhone using the dashboard of your car and it will be also charging your phone so that you can use your phone while you move. The steering wheel of a vehicle which is CarPlay will also enable you to control various controls that you need to use for properly utilizing your iPhone while you drive your car. 

What can you do using CarPlay?
You may be thinking what can you do using this special feature that is enabled by Apple. Various operations can be done using this feature, let us see those. 

·         You can effectively use Siri after you have successfully connected your iPhone with your car system. Having the usage of Siri you can access the contacts that you have on your phone, make the calls that you intend to make and also to reply to missed calls that you have received. Moreover, you can also listen to the voicemails and the loved music and songs that you have on your iPhone.
·         You can not only listen to music that is on your phone but also hears to streaming that is made from third-party apps like Spotify or iHeartRadio. 

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 You can access all the navigational features that your iPhone has so that your journey becomes comfortable. You can see all the navigational directions and messages on the car dashboard. 

There are certain alternatives to CarPlay but none is so effective as this one. 

Now you know all about CarPlay except which are the cars that supports usage of such technology. You must be wishing to buy such a car which is CarPlay enabled. Apple has made available a site where you can see the models of cars that support CarPlay but over here we note down the models so that you can know easily. There are 100 models from 21 car makers where you can successfully use CarPlay. To name a few car makers where usage of such technology is possible are: Audi, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroen, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Honda and Hyundai. There are many others which support such technology.
So, now without delay buy a car which supports CarPlay and make your journey melodious.