Apple CarPlay: A guide to connecting your iPhone to your car

 You must be a proud owner of an iOS device like iPhone, iPad or an iPod. If you have these devices you definitely must have tried to fix it with your car stereo but after connecting you are unable to hear your loved music. Is it so what has happened? If it is so then you are in the right place, just continue reading and you will know how to properly connect the device so that you can have a lovely journey listening to your loved music. 

This desired connection can be made using Bluetooth, USB cable or CarPlay. Let us know each of the means individually. 

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The steps to be followed for connecting using Bluetooth
It needs some simple steps to follow to have the connection and to listen to the music.

  • ·         On the iPhone that you are using open Control Center, you have to double tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off and then on again.

  •  After doing so you have to restart the iOS device that you are using.
  •  The next step to be done is to unpair the car stereo on your iPhone. Then unpair the iPhone from the car stereo. Both your iPhone and stereo has to be restarted after unpairing each. Both the iPhone and the car stereo are then to be paired and connection made.
  • Updating the iPhone is then need to be done.
  • If you notice that there is any firmware to be updated on your car stereo then it needs to be done. 
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After doing so your iPhone will be connected to your car stereo and you will be able to listen to the songs and music that are on your iOS device using your car stereo.

The various steps for connecting your iPhone using USB 

It may be so that for having such connectivity you wish to use the USB cable. Let us see how that nature of connection can be made. 

  • Your car and iPhone has to be restarted as the initial step.

  • The iPhone is to be connected to a different USB port

  •   A different nature of lighting is to be used for the USB cable

  •  Updating your iPhone is necessary after this step

  •   If you see that there is any firmware to be updated for your car stereo then it needs to be done.

You are done connecting your iPhone using a USB cable. So, enjoy listening to the best songs through the car stereo. 
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The steps for connecting using CarPlay 

If you have an iPhone 5 or having an iOS 7.1 or newer version and if your car supports CarPlay then you can use that for the needed connection. If the car that you have supports wired connection for CarPlay then you will find a port where the icon of CarPlay or Smartphone is engraved and you need to use that. Again if wireless connectivity is allowed then you have to touch and hold the control button that is present on your car steering so that CarPlay is set. After doing so you need to go to your iPhone and open settings, go to general and then to select your car as the available car.
After doing so it is your time to enjoy a musical ride hearing your loved music and songs.